Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hosts Inter-School Sports Competition with Enthusiasm

Navi Mumbai :- The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation recently organized an exhilarating inter-school sports competition for students at the district level. In a spectacular event, students from over 249 schools participated, with more than 35,000 young athletes showcasing their skills.

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This competition featured a diverse range of sports, with 49 recognized categories, and was meticulously coordinated by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Sports and Cultural Department. The sports included both indoor and outdoor disciplines, allowing students to compete individually and in teams. Achieving district-level recognition has opened the door for these young talents to represent their city at national and international levels.

For the academic year 2023-2024, the district-level school sports competition was held in a well-prepared venue, the C.B.D. Belapur auditorium. A total of 710 athletes, comprising 431 male and 279 female students, participated in this event, showcasing their outstanding talents.

The opening ceremony of this sports competition was graced by the presence of Mr. M. Lalita Babar, the Deputy Commissioner of Sports and Culture. During her speech, she emphasized the importance of indoor and outdoor sports, particularly disciplines like karate, in shaping the physical and mental growth of young athletes. She highlighted how this competition provided an excellent platform for the youth to excel academically and athletically, encouraging them to aim for greater achievements.

Mr. Revappa Gurav, the Sports Officer, was present at the event, offering his guidance to the young athletes. The competition took place during a time when many young individuals engaged in karate and other sports at home, as the COVID-19 pandemic had influenced various aspects of daily life. The widespread participation in these sports events, conducted at home, resulted in increased enthusiasm among the athletes.

The credit for the success of this competition goes to the dedicated sports instructors from various schools who made significant contributions. This event aimed to provide opportunities for athletes to excel in various sports and achieve their full potential.

Here are the results of the competition:

In the 14-year-old category:

  • Boys: 1st – Alkesh Hatkar, 2nd – Shrey Pilankar, 3rd – Shriraj Shankar Dhanawade, 4th – Arthav Yuvraj Pathade, 5th – Suyash Dattajirav Pawar.
  • Girls: 1st – Sakshi Sudip Patra, 2nd – Ananya Pravin Gore, 3rd – Ritika Navin Patil, 4th – Khushbu Swapnil Kadam, 5th – Vishwaja Jadhav.

In the 17-year-old category:

  • Boys: 1st – Aditya Naik, 2nd – Rishikesh Gopal Gavhane, 3rd – Aryan Anil Suryavanshi, 4th – Sparsh Santosh Dive, 5th – Amey Sudhir Desai.
  • Girls: 1st – Gayatri Ajit Chavan, 2nd – Rijha Ajij Sheikh, 3rd – Sanvi S. Pai, 4th – Khushbu Narke, 5th – Sheik Samiya Sayyad Ali.

In the 19-year-old category:

  • Boys: 1st – Krish Rajesh Panchal, 2nd – Akshay Vijay More, 3rd – Manish Eknath Chavan, 4th – Nikhil Rajesh Chaure, 5th – Mohammad Salim Tanveer Ahmed.
  • Girls: 1st – Rutula Sunil Dhebe, 2nd – Arya Santosh Shipai, 3rd – Sanskruti Jagtap, 4th – Kashmira Vikram Meher, 5th – Vishwaja Jadhav.

These young athletes have secured their places in the upcoming Mumbai Divisional Karate competition, and they have the full support of Mr. Rajesh Narvekar, the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, who extended his best wishes for their continued success.

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