6 Tips for Sweat-Proofing Your Makeup

Go Light
Make sure to use a moisturizer (with SPF!)—but be wary of one that’s too heavy.
Put on Some Primer
Primer is your friend. Always apply some before you put on your foundation. A primer is basically going to hold onto your foundation.
Prime Your Eyes, Too!
Don’t let your eye shadow do a disappearing act (or that yucky crease thing)—use a primer on your eyelids.
Do Go Waterproof on the Eyes
Waterproof eye makeup makes a big difference in the summertime, both for eye liner and mascara.
Embrace the Wet Lip Look
Just like orange lips, lip gloss came back out of nowhere. So steer clear of potential for runny lip color by embracing the sweaty lip look—easy enough!
Pick Up Some Powder
Always set makeup with a mineral powder. That will keep the makeup in place, smooth out the skin, and also absorb oil.

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